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ipv6 ready

Submit abuse reports to EUSIP - RACK66

If you want to make a abuse complaint of our network resources, please submit the complaint as formulated below to abuse@rack66.com.

  • Describe the exact reason for your complaint!
    Provide as much details as possible to allow us to explore the real reasons behind the abuse.
    (Do not just send logfiles without any comments.)

    • We can only accept complaints about abuse of RACK66 network resources or servers. Complaints about possible attacks originating from other networks or providers must be directed to their abuse department (see also Belgian CERT www.cert.be )

    • Complaints can only be dealt with if at least the following information is submitted:
      - exact date/time (with indication of timezone and location)
      - IP-address (IPv4 / IPv6) of the attacker(s)
      - detailed description of the incident
      - if possible: excerpts from respective log files (but just the relevant parts!) - exact URL (in case of complaints about a website)

  • Spam complaints:
    Spam send from RACK66 network or servers most often is coming from hosting or housing context. We promote to all our customers the use of electronic commercial message only if complying to the law (opt-in). If you receive spam from our network please provide us with all detailed information including the header information. How to get access to that information can be found at http://www.faqs.org/faqs/net-abuse-faq/spam-faq

  • Hack-Attempts:
    RACK66 does not tolerate the use of known security related applications or the use of Intruder-tools against third parties. If such happens, please provide us with all detailed information related directly to the act. Logfiles will most often help us to discover who's behind these actions.

  • Illegal web content:
    Complaints about websites or web pages with potentially illegal content should be sent to the corresponding webmaster (owner of the website). If such seems impossible please send a message to support@rack66.com with indication of the url and domain name.